Basic Vanilla Ice cream. Watch me make it on YouTube Download an accessible word version here Once you have this under your belt, there are endless taste variations: coffee, chocolate, nuts, fruit and much more. 11fl oz/300ml Whole milk. 11fl oz/300ml Double cream 1 tsp   Vanilla extract. 2 Whole eggs 3 Egg yolks 5oz/150g Caster sugar. ½ tbsp   Liquid glucose. Method: 1. Pour the milk, cream and vanilla in to a pan and bring to the boil. 2. Mix the eggs and sugar together then poor on the milk and cream and whisk. 3. Add the glucose and return the custard to the pan and place on a low heat stirring all the time. 4. When the custard starts to thicken remove from the heat and chill. Once chilled it can be churned in an ice cream maker. My Tips: Don’t let the custard heat to more than 70 Centigrade (138 Fahrenheit) – this is hot enough for it to thicken without scrambling. You could just freeze the custard if you don’t have an ice-cream maker.  But, to get the smoothest Ice-cream, it is worth taking out of the freezer from time to time and re-whisking to break up the ice crystals. The glucose also helps with smoothness and softness (as does a little alcohol) but too much of either can stop the ice-cream ever becoming firm. Place alternate layers of ice-cream and a flavoured sauce (such as salted caramel or the strawberry compote) in a container before storing in the freezer - or just eating. If serving from frozen, move from the freezer to the fridge about 20 minutes before hand to start softening and dip your serving spoon in boiling water. My thanks to Mike from ChefGary
Baking Blind You don’t have to be blind to cook but it helps!